FlyingPress - WordPress Site Acceleration Plugin

FlyingPress - WordPress Site Acceleration Plugin 4.13.3

FlyingPress - WordPress site acceleration plugin.webp

All-in-one plugin to speed up WordPress sites, from page caching, CDNs to image optimization.

CSS Optimization
- Generate critical and used CSS
- Load unused CSS / interactions asynchronously

Font Optimization
- Self-hosting, embedding and combining google fonts
- Add fallback fonts on load (display replacement)
- Advance loading fonts Page

- Creates static HTML pages
- Cache preloading
- Configures Nginx / Apache / LiteSpeed to serve the cache
- Preloading pages in the browser on mouseover
- Varnish integration

Image optimization
- Adding missing height and width attributes
- Preloading critical images

Lazy loading javascript
- Remove blocking javascripts.
- Defer scripts until user interaction
- Fix jQuery scripts blocking rendering.

Lazy loading
- Lazy loading images and iFrames
- Native or lazy loading javascript
- Exclude images at the top of the page
- Lazy loading any background images

Minimize CSS and javascript
- Minify CSS and JS files on server or via CDN

Database cleanup
- Remove unnecessary entries and optimize tables


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