Enhanced Attachment System (EAS2) - Xenforo 2

Enhanced Attachment System (EAS2) - Xenforo 2 1.7.1

Enhanced Attachment System (EAS2) - Xenforo 2.webp

Allow different attachments and their sizes for each forum. Limit uploads and downloads for Groups. This is possible with this add-on

Basic features:

  • Extensive group rights
  • Upload via URL
  • Open PDF in a new Browser Tab
  • Download all Attachments from a post at once as ZIP file
  • Download Tracker
  • direct archive listing online
  • File extensions that need to be moderated
  • download multiple attachments at once
  • EXIF Viewer
  • Widget: Attachment Stats
  • Widget: New Attachments
Allows attachment settings per node:
  • Attachment Limit per Message
  • Separate file size for each file extension
Upload/Download Permissions:
  • Group Permission Download Time-Limit
  • Group Permission max. Downloads on the Time-Limit
  • Group Permission max. Traffic on the Time-Limit
  • Group Permission min post to Download
  • Group Permission min post to Upload
  • Group Permission max. Attachment Upload File size
  • Group Permission Bypass download limit
  • Group Permission for "Upload via URL"
  • Submit Post Attachment without approval
and many more...

Enhanced Attachment System (EAS2) - Xenforo 2-1.webp


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