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EasyDiscuss - Joomla Forum Discussion Tool 4.1.21

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EasyDiscuss PRO is a flexible extension for creating a forum on Joomla. The component is suitable for various versions of Joomla and has a set of various modules and plugins.

The component EasyDiscuss PRO is best suited for those sites where users may have certain questions about the site, products posted on its pages or your business. It is also worthwhile to place such a component where the communication of visitors is one of the key aspects of the site and will potentially attract the attention of an additional audience.

Thanks to a completely universal design and flexible configuration, such a Joomla extension can be installed on almost any site. The main features of this component from the point of view of users will be ease of use and visibility. The list of topics on the forum is presented not just by headings, but has a small card for each topic containing detailed information. It may contain a title, information about the author, a brief description of the essence of the topic, detailed statistics on the number of views, answers and ratings of the topic, date of creation and the category to which it belongs. All topics are subject to the use of additional sortings - by date, by popularity, number of answers, etc. When creating a topic, users can specify several tags and tags that facilitate further search in the forum. EasyDiscuss component integrates email subscription and rss feed to notify users about changes in individual branches and topics. The topics and posts posted on the forum can be added to bookmarks or favorites by visitors. In the future, a list of them can be found in your personal profile.

The Smarter Forums For Joomla.webp

GDPR Compliant
Freedom to download or remove personal data made on the forums.

Password Protected Tickets
Password protected discussions made only visible to users with the your credential.

Private Tickets
The discussions made only visible to site moderators and yourself.

Ticket Priority
Assign the urgency of each discussion ticket.

Add location on the discussion tickets with Google Maps.

Who's Viewing Section
Take a peek on users viewing on the same discussion ticket.


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