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Compose Time adds a smart clock to the post editor that times how long a new thread or post takes to write. Each time is averaged out and saved to the user's profile to add a fun edge to forum posting.
Ever been stuck at the editor? Spend too much time replying to posts? Need help pushing the reply button from time to time? This simple timer offers you and your users a remarkable amount of insight into posting habits all through the subtle tick of a clock.
This simple addon gives no rewards and offers no fault, but reveals a new metric for your users to ponder and keep score of as they create new content in your forums.

How Compose Time works
The timer begins as soon as the post editor is clicked on the new reply or thread screen. To pause the timer simply click out of the editor or navigate away from the current page. The last known time will always be saved as part of the post draft so even posts written in increments will be accurate.
User's can quickly see their average post time by visiting their profile. Each new reply adds to the average:

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..and is kept private for their eyes only. Each user can make their time public, or disable the timer altogether from the Preferences panel:

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