Blue Boxed - Xenforo 2 Style

Blue Boxed - Xenforo 2 Style 2.0

Blue Boxed - Xenforo 2 Style.webp

This is a simple boxed (wrapped) FREE style in blue.
1. You can change the boxed page width in extra.less template and make sure you change it in your ACP as well.
2. You can change the overall background (not page background in ACP) using this code: html{background: your color;} added to extra.less template.
3. You can change the page background to whatever you want in your ACP > page set up > page background
Thank you for looking and have a great day!

Blue Boxed - Xenforo 2 Style-1.webp

Blue Boxed - Xenforo 2 Style-2.webp


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