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AndyB - View map - Xenforo 2 1.8

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Creates a button called View map for use in messages.
Clicking the View map button will show a Google map with a marker to a specific location.

  1. Click View map button in a message to show the map to specific location.
  2. Bring up larger map from link in Visitors tab.
  3. All phrases start with viewmap_ for your convenience.
Setup step 1:
Copy the crosshair.gif from the add-on directory to a directory of your choice, for example copy to the a /misc/ folder off the web root. Update the Options page with your crosshair.gif file location.

Setup step 2:
Get your Google JavaScript API key using this link:
Update the Options page with your Google JavaScript API key.

Setup step 3:
In the Options page, add your default coordinates and zoom.

How to create a View map button in a message:
  1. Under the Visitors tab, click the View map link.
  2. Move map to desired location.
  3. Copy the Map code at the bottom and paste it into a message
Example of map code:
View map - Xenforo 2-3.webp

View map - Xenforo 2-1.webp

View map - Xenforo 2-2.webp


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