Wordpress Mail SMTP Pro

Wordpress Mail SMTP Pro 3.11.0

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Making Email Deliverability Easy for WordPress - The Most Popular WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer Plugin

White Glove Setup
Allow our experts to install and configure WP Mail SMTP for you.

Email Log
Keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site.

Manage Notifications
Control which email notifications your WordPress site sends.

Connect with SMTP.com, who has been delivering emails for over 20 years.

Amazon SES
Harness the power of AWS with our Amazon SES integration.

Zoho Mail
Use your Zoho Mail account to reliably send all WordPress emails.

Office 365
Connect with your Office 365 account with our Microsoft mailer.

Microsoft Outlook
Our Microsoft mailer also supports other services, including Outlook.com.

Gmail / G Suite
Uses OAuth to authenticate your account, keeping your login info secure.

Use your Mailgun account to reliably send all WordPress emails.

Use your SendGrid account to reliably send your WordPress emails.

All Other SMTP Providers
Leverage your web host or a third party SMTP server to send your emails.


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