EasyBlog - Blog Extension for Joomla

EasyBlog - Blog Extension for Joomla 6.0.4

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Blog Extension for Joomla
Compose, manage & publish sleek articles with ease. EasyBlog is rated as the best blogging extension for Joomla!

Simple Editor

Compose with the block-based editor and enjoy all the goodies of a WYSIWYG editor but even better! Simplifies authoring experience

Media Manager
Elegant and simplified media manager for managing your document files and media along with your posts

Reactions, comments and tons of other tools available for viewers when they read the blog

Mobile & Tablet Ready
EasyBlog is responsive and it works across mobile devices & tablets. We also have a native tablet app that allows you to connect to your site

The moment you install EasyBlog on the site, it is already highly optimized for search engines out of the box

Layout & Themes
Designed to fit right into your template and highly configurable to give you the appearance that you want

Includes a wide variety of administration and automation tools built specifically for blog authors and site administrators

Extensive list of integrations with third-party social network sites, Joomla extensions, plugins and many more.

Other cool features
Other list of functionality in EasyBlog that doesn't fit in other categories

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