wordpress optimization

  1. JCH Optimize Pro for Wordpress

    JCH Optimize Pro for Wordpress 3.0.4

    JCH Optimize automatically applies several front end optimizations for faster download speeds for your WordPress website. Minification Unnecessary whitespaces and other characters are removed from your CSS/JS/Html to reduce size Optimize Assets Delivery Critical CSS is inlined and Javascript...
  2. Clearfy - WordPress Optimization Plugin

    Clearfy - WordPress Optimization Plugin 1.8.2

    GET A FASTER WEBSITE IN A FEW CLICKS NO CODING REQUIRED This is a universal WordPress optimization plugin. Since we’ve started working with clients 8 years ago, we’ve managed to collect the most useful WordPress optimization functions and combine it all in one. The biggest advantage is that it...
  3. WP-Optimize Premium - WordPress Optimization Plugin

    WP-Optimize Premium - WordPress Optimization Plugin 3.2.6

    https://getwpo.com/ WP-Optimize is a revolutionary, all-in-one plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images and caches your site. Our cache feature is built around the world’s fastest caching engine. This simple, popular and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your...
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