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    French translation of DragonByte Shop

    Hello, is there a French translation of DragonByte Shop? Thank you in advance for your response
  2. G-Translate - Translate entire PrestaShop

    G-Translate - Translate entire PrestaShop 1.0.2

    Automated PrestaShop translation module for content (products, categories, CMS, etc.), themes, modules, front office, back office, emails and even core files based on Google Translate API. When you start to sell globally, it 's important that your website “speaks” your customer’s native...
  3. [OzzModz] Translate Outdated Phrases - Xenforo 2

    [OzzModz] Translate Outdated Phrases - Xenforo 2 2.0.0

    Add the 'translate layout' to the page with outdated phrases. This will make it a lot easier to translate loads of outdated phrases. In my case I had to review 1000+ outdated phrases. Using this add-on helped me a lot to do it faster and more efficient.
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