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  1. [XenGenTr] OG:image Sistemi - Xenforo 2

    [XenGenTr] OG:image Sistemi - Xenforo 2 1.1.0

    [XenGenTr] OG: images System A plug-in for Xenforo 2. Briefly Open Graph (OG) Let's talk about what it means. Open graph is an application which aims to make the site shares on social media become qualified and semantic. Facebook is open to all parts of the Internet, such as likes, share and...
  2. Set og:image Xenforo 2

    Set og:image Xenforo 2

    Set firt image of fisrt post as og:image for Xenforo 2 Open template thread_view, find <xf:macro template="metadata_macros" name="metadata" arg-description="{$fpSnippet}" arg-shareUrl="{{ link('canonical:threads', $thread) }}" arg-canonicalUrl="{{...
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